1610875_407119829449952_1420626289020225182_nOne Deep Breath by Antony Hickling has won the Prize for the Best Experimental Film at Bilbao Zinegoak.

Produced by Antony Hickling & Vivàsvan Pictures and starring Manuel Blanc, Thomas Laroppe, Stéphanie Michelini and André Schneider, One Deep Breath tells the story of Maël, trying hard to cope with his partner Adam’s suicide as well as their troubled past together. Patricia, also one of Adam’s lovers, gets herself into danger in her attempt to help Maël in his grief.

Having originally trained at The Arden School Of Theatre in Manchester for 4 years, Antony Hickling went on to work as an actor in the UK before moving to France to complete his Masters Degree and PhD in stage arts, his chosen subject being Queer theory. Antony has since moved behind the camera, writing and directing a series of short films exploring the Queer theme. Up until now, all of his films have been self-produced and have made their way around independent film festivals world-wide, generating strong critical acclaim. Having recently directed the tryptich Little Gay Boy and worked on the latest Todd Verow documentary End of Cruising, he is has just finished to direct his second feature: One Deep Breath.

The victory in Bilbao represents for the film its first official achievement, after the participation to international film festivals such as Queer Lisboa, Mix Brazil and Paris’Chéries-Chéris.