doris_ortizAlso new acquisition Doris Ortiz by Daniele Sartori has been selected to be part of the short film competition section “Concorso Videoqueer” at 10th Florence Queer Festival. Thus, two are the title represented by The Open Reel in programme at this Festival “made in Florence”.

Doriz Ortis will be screened on Saturday Oct 27th at 7:30pm.

In the night the city is perturbed by the trail of blood a Minister, setting off in pursuit of two surreal clowns, leaves behind. The politician is completely out of touch with reality and his delirious chase will find an end in an half-desert industrial zone, where the previous offender Doris Ortiz is running a little bar. The woman will fatally fall in love with him. At dawn a security camera will disclose the epilogue of the crazy event to the Country.