13000264_10154255246729063_7158884804758295476_nXavier and Tremulo are part of the 2016 Padova Cinevillage, taking place from June 17 to September 24 in Padova.
The event, organised every year by the Padova Pride Village and by the Queer Lion Award offers the best of the recent LGBT production.


Xavier, July 16, 9pm.

Tremulo, July 30, 9pm.

Other two titles, that The Open Reel distributes just in the Italian territory, will be part of the selection:

Five Dances by Alan M. Brown (June 25, 9pm) and Snails in the Rain by Yariv Mozer (July 9, 9pm).


info: http://www.padovapridevillage.it/il-programma#giulug