Logo_FICA_2014Waste Africa by Matteo Lena has been selected in competition at upcoming FICA, Environmental Film and Video Festival, taking palce in Goias, Brazil, from May 27 to June 1st.

Waste Africa is a cruel fairy tale about a little prince called Samsung. Fatherless, abandoned by his mother, Samsung will have to restore prosperity and future to his land, covered with garbage.
Matteo Lena is born in the northern Italian countryside. He now lives in Rome and works for the Italian television. He made a journalistic scoop in 2007, revealing sadomasochistic homosexual appointments inside Vatican and he won the Ilaria Alpi Prize, an important journalistic reward, for Hands on Palermo, a 100′ documentary about Cosa Nostra, broadcasted in 2008.

info: http://fica.art.br/cinema/5951/