media.lefresnoy.netThe Open Reel picks up TRILOGY OF OUR LIVES UNDONE (Trilogie de nos vies défaites, France, 2015, 94′), the latest long feature film directed by Vincent DIEUTRE. Produced by Sedna Films and co-produced by Le Fresnoy, the film stars Simon VERSNEL, Joana PREISS, Sabrina SEYVECOU AND Brice MICHELINI, with the voice over of Eva TRUFFAUT.

OUR FEELINGS, our choices, even our death wander on the web like options, like ghosts.
For the time of a last train journey, for the time of a love chat, a deadly chat, or an unlikely
casting, three generations will try to definitively wrest from virtual nomadism, to put an end to self-exile that undo our lives…
Between Rotterdam and Tourcoing, diving in the Flatlands, tenuous and fragile…

VINCENT DIEUTRE (born 25 November 1960 in Le Petit-Quevilly) is a French film director and screenwriter. His films are primarily in the genre of docudrama, blending aspects of both documentary film and fiction.

among his film directions:
Rome désolée (1995)
Leçons de ténèbres (2000)
Entering Difference (2000)
Bonne Nouvelle (2001).
Mon voyage d’hiver (2003)
Bologna Centrale (2003)
Les accords d’Alba (2004)
Fragments sur la grâce (2006)
ea2, 2e exercice d’admiration : Jean Eustache (2010)
Jaurès (2012)
Orlando Ferito (2013)
Viaggio nella dopo-Storia (2014)