The Open Reel deals with Iranian director Ashkan Mehri, Colombian Ruth Caudeli (from feature Second Star on the Right) and her production company Ovella Blava Films and with Spanish director and producer at Antivaho Cinematográfico, Èrika Sanchez Marcos, for the acquisition of shorts (respectively) Mani, Screenshots for a Goodbye and Panthers (this last one supported by ICEC and also in the Catalan  Films catalogue).

Mani (Iran, 2019, 16′). Mani a 12-year-old boy is coming to terms with his burgeoning puberty and sexuality while navigating a series of male-dominated environments in contemporary Tehran. The film is completely from Mani’s perspective as the story revolves around an unusual love triangle between Mani, his chauffeur, and his mother.Bitter years are the years a young boy spent, with his alien sweetness, to make his life unique.

Screenshots for a Goodbye (Colombia, 2020, 10′). How do we say goodbye? How do we say goodbye when something is broken? What happens when something is broken and we don’t know exactly what? Andrea and Maca are facing the day after a break-up and they are going to struggle with all the difficulties that come after a goodbye. How hard is to say goodbye to someone you have loved?

Panthers (Spain, 2020, 22′). Joana and Nina are two 13-year-old friends in the midst of puberty. The first one, bubbly and brazen, has vital questions about female gender. Both are women of their time and condition: social networks, immediacy and excesses. Today, Joana has decided to put an end to her existential anxiety. At that moment a macabre game devised by Joana begins. That decisive moment of puberty will cause something in each of them to change forever.