Italy’s The Open Reel has taken on international sales for Juliana Rojas’ Berlinale Encounters title Cidade; Campo.

Cidade; Campo tells two stories of migration between city and countryside. In the first part, after a dam disaster floods her hometown, rural worker Joana moves to São Paulo but struggles to thrive in the city. In the second part, after the death of her estranged father, Flavia moves to his farm with her wife Mara. In both stories, nature forces the two women to face frustrations and cope with old memories and ghosts.

A Brazilian, German and French co-production, Cidade; Campo is written and directed by Rojas.

Her previous feature films include Good Manners, which won the 2017 Locarno special jury prize, and Cannes Un Certain Regard title Hard Labor, both directed with Marco Dutra. Rojas’ shorts have premiered and been awarded in Cannes, Rotterdam and Mar del Plata. As a screenwriter, she has worked on Netflix series Kissing Game and 3%, and she has directed episodes of Kissing Game as well as Disney+ upcoming series Tara.

Cidade; Campo is produced by Sara Silveira and Maria Ionescu of Dezenove Som e Imagens, and co-produced by Germany’s Sutor Kolonko and France’s Good Fortune Films. The film stars Fernanda Vianna, Mirela Façanha and Bruna Linzmeyer.