The Open Reel deals with director Benjamin Bodi and collective LES ESTUPENDES (Sylvia Torras, Teresa Beltran, Gemma Prats, Marta Vidal, David Bauzó) for the acquistion of the short film Pig for Pigs.

PIGS FOR PIGS. The sister of the man of the house, the wife of this man, the sister of this wife and a maid, who is the best friend of the sister’s wife, have long lived together under the same roof, the roof of the man of the house. After so many years they have created a micro world of rivalries and secret envies. When the man leaves the house, the spell is broken and the craziest follies take over these women. Unexpectedly today, they should find kind of agreement.

Benjamin Bodi (1978, France) has degrees in drama, performance and photphotography. At the age of 22, he joined WAX, a Parisian collective of artists imbued with free jazz and surrealism. From 2000 to 2012, he performed theater, dance and visual arts. He also worked as a choreographer, playwright, co-writer and director. Video has always been part of his work. He directed and presented a dozen experimental films in art festivals in France and abroad. In Saudi Arabia, is directing many documentaries based on the birth of a cultural dynamic from 2014 to now. In 2015, he met director Manuel Billi, with whom he collaborated on many short-cut, as Ghosts of Yesterday (2017), ENTER (2018), Ten Times Love (2019). His last short cut Pig for Pigs (2020) is the result of a close partnership with a spanish actor, David Bauzó.