HOOLEYShort Film Hooley, produced and directed by Félix Fernández, is The Open Reel latest acquisition. The director is already present in our catalogue with titles Perfect Day and This Leak, directed together with Juanma Carrillo.

This project takes us into the psychological and social aspects of a hooligan, seen from the author’s subjectivity, which gives us an individual who is between the violent and the vulnerable, including the hardness and brittleness. The audiovisual portrays a character played by the author, who belongs to a lower-class socioeconomic status linked to a lack of life projects and values. Far from having a video-documentary presents a mental space that allows us to enter the imaginary world of its protagonist, exposing their attitudes and actions in relation to what surrounds him.

Félix Fernández´s work centers on contemporary individuals´relationship with the environment they find themselves in (time, space, body, identity, socioeconomic situation, landscape, media, etc.). His sharp subjective vision aims to engage spectators and thus give his work meaning. He uses a wide range of different formats and creates hybrids between photography and performance, audiovisual shows, installations and videos.


The body plays a key role in his work and he often features himself, adding an autobiographical dimension that combines with the symbolic power of objects and situations to create a language that mixes reality and fiction in equal parts.