World Premiere

La solitudine è questa

Andrea Adriatico, Italy, 2023, 98′
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Solitude, It’s that is a docu-fiction focusing on the writer Pier Vittorio Tondelli, dead on 16 December 1991, at the age of 36, due to AIDS. Tondelli is known not only for being one of Europe’s greatest storytellers, but also for being one of the sharpest voices of his time. He was the writer of Other Libertines, his first work and a cult novel among young people of the 80s, subjected to seizure in L’Aquila for obscenity and outrage against the public morals of the time.
Yet, Tondelli’s novel was not only a transgressive writing, but also a literary project that allowed the linguistic mixing of registers, sectors and even dialectisms.
The intellectual from Emilia, however, not only talked about the kids of his time, but also encouraged young writers with the Under 25 project with the aim of giving space in a monthly magazine to budding writers.
The film sets out in search of the places where the writer had the opportunity to live, starting from Correggio, where he was born, up to Bologna, the aforementioned L’Aquila and then Orvieto, on which his second novel focuses, to continue with Rome, Milan and Berlin.

Director Andrea Adriatico Screenplay Grazia Verasani, Stefano Casi, Andrea Adriatico Editing Roberto Passuti Photography Ali Beidoun Art Direction Giovanni Santecchia Music Massimo Zamboni Sound Lorenzo Fedi Cast Lorenzo Balducci, Tobia De Angelis With the participation of
Jonathan Bazzi, Angela Bubba, Viola Di Grado, Paolo Di Paolo, Claudia Durastanti, Alessio Forgione, Alcide Pierantozzi Producer Saverio Peschechera Production Cinemare In collaboration with Pavarotti International 23 srl With the support of Ministero della Cultura – Direzione Generale Cinema, Regione Emilia-Romagna through Emilia-Romagna Film Commission

World Premiere

Uomini in marcia

Peter Marcias, Italy, 2023, 75′

A look back, at the recent past, to march together with those who fought and defended a vital and fundamental right, today increasingly denied and debased in its ethical meaning: that of work and its dignity. Rumors of struggle, interviews, reflections boil in the fluctuating magma of archive images, to remind us that we are history. An instructive journey, between sacrifices and strikes, solidarity and battles, workers and unions, against inequalities and injustices: words and concepts not to be lost especially today, in the precarious time of the gig economy.

Director Peter Marcias Screenplay Peter Marcias Editing Fabrizio Federico Photography Simone Ruggiu Sound Riccardo Podda Cast Gianni Loy, Laurent Cantet, Ken Loach, Peppino La Rosa Producers Agnese Ricchi, Mario Mazzarotto Production Ganesh Produzioni, Ultima Onda Produzioni, Movimento Film In collboration with RAICinema, Cineteca Sarda Società Umanitaria, Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission