X or Y


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X or Y.

HE is a nightbird solitary and discreet. SHE is a confident, beautiful and enterprising woman.
HE is SHE, SHE is HE.
A body for two people. This woman embodies all what he delivers, what he would be without never admitting it. SHE only exists in his subconscious. She translates his desires, his impulses, his repressed fantasies.


Storm Sigal Battesti

Storm Sigal Battesti is a Franco-American of 22 years who has been living in Spain, Ireland, United States and Italy. He follows his first acting classes at Horizon High School in Colorado and then at the Liceo Scientifico Acornaro in Padova. Back in France he passes his Literary Bachelor as free candidate and the contest for the Jean Laurent Cochet course.
He choses a few months later to quit to devote himself to the kyokushinkai, a combat sport. It is also thanks to this sports training that he will perform a small role in X or Y. In November 2012 Storm decides to resume the theatre and joined the Studio Pygmalion where he met Léo Grelet. With the latter that he directs his first short film in 2012 for the Nikon Festival.
Storm turned in a few clips and short student films including Heroes, a short film by William S. Touitou, and Nawak, directed by Jeremy Paquet

Léo Grelet

Léo Grelet has studied as a Technician of Image and Sound in Avignon and went to Université Paul Valéry in Montpellier for a year. Then he decides to study to become an at the actor Performing Arts Centre (Paris XV) and at the Studio Pygmalion (Montrouge 92). He realized his first short film in 2012 for the Nikon Festival with Storm Sigal Battesti.


  • Title
    X or Y
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    9’, col.-b/w

  • Directors 
    Storm Sigal Battesti, Leo Grélet
  • Screenplay
    Storm Sigal Battesti, Leo Grélet, Tom Hudson
  • Editing
    Lucas Hudson
  • Photography
    Adrian Cacciola, Lucas Josse

  • Music
    Erwann Chandon
  • Sound
    Romain Bourdon, Thomas Des Jonqueres, Bruno Tarriere, Anne Le Campion

  • Cast
    Tom Hudson, Margot Luciarte
  • Producers
    Fanny Lehman, Storm Sigal Battesti, Adrian Cacciola
  • Production
    Broken Glass

  • Turin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2015
  • Paraguay LGBT Film Festival 2015
  • Mix Milano 2015 – Short Film Competition
  • Paris Court Devant 2015
  • Cagliari Uno Sguardo Normale 2015 – Short Film Competition
  • Outflix Memphis LGBT Film Festival 2016
  • Festival du Film d Aubagne 2016
  • Milan Queer Festival 2016
  • Perlen Hannover 2016

  • Mix Milano 2015 – Best Short Film

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