The Firm Trail

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The Firm Trail.

After the death of Don Jerónimo de Mena y Villalpando, marquis of Altarriva, a veteran peasant woman from La Vega Alta accesses the diaries of her employer, a man who died maddened and without offspring. The woman relates the landlord’s obsession with the lynx Larus; the incessant search of the elusive feline through the immensity of the bush in order, according to the marquis, to ensure the stability of his lands. A series of manuscripts, photographs and children’s drawings will reveal another reality of the large estate and the territory of the great spotted cat.


Graduate in Audiovisual Communication (University of Seville) and Master’s Degree in Creation Documentary (Pompeu Fabra University). As a child he drew comics, editing his own magazines. As an adult he began in poetry, publishing in fanzines (Blub), anthologies (Andalucía poesía joven) and participating in meetings such as Cosmopoética festival (2009, 2011). In parallel, he explores the image, entering video art. Some of his works, My Face Is Made of Tar or Red Necklace, have been awarded and selected at festivals. In 2015 he received aid for the creation of the Rafael Botí Foundation to carry out the audiovisual essay Platopolis. Since 2016 he has collaborated on projects by Viktor Kossakovsky, Neus Ballús and César Souto Vilanova. With the latter, he had a filmed correspondence about the confinement experience after the arrival of covid-19 in Spain, which led to the feature film Interregnum (2020), which had its world premiere at the 24th edition of the Jihlava IDFF.


  • Title
    The Firm Trail
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    75′, col.

  • Director
    Fernando Gómez Luna
  • Script
    Fernando Gómez Luna
  • Editing
    Carlos Martínez-Peñalver, Mariona Solé Altimira
  • Photography
    Fernando Gómez Luna

  • Music
    Fernando Gómez Luna
  • Sound
    Fernando Gómez Luna
  • Cast
    Daniel Quirantes and workers of Ribera Alta estate
  • Narration
    Ita Luna Muñoz

  • Producers
    Arnau Abella Travesset, Fernando
    Gómez Luna, Nico M. Millán
  • Production
    Omen Cinema, Qustodia Films

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