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Joana and Nina are two 13-year-old friends in the midst of puberty. The first one, bubbly and brazen, has vital questions about female gender. Both are young women of their time and condition: social networks, immediacy and excesses. Today, Joana has decided to put an end to her existential anxiety. At that moment a macabre game devised by Joana begins. That decisive moment of puberty will cause something in each of them to change forever.


After a decade working as a personal assistant and script supervisor, in 2013 she wrote and directed the documentary short film, The Show, screened at international festivals and institutions. It’s Never Darker (2014) is her first documentary feature film, well received by audience and critics.
Founder of Antivaho Cinematográfico with Xavier Esteban, she is currently working on the documentary feature film Perifèria (Outskirts) as a producer and screenwriter. Panthers is her first fiction’s work, short film as a prelude to the feature film in development, The Quiet Women. With the support of the Master in Creative Documentary at Pompeu Fabra University, she is developing the documentary feature film Dietari Final (Final Dietary) codirected with Ariadna Pujol.


  • Title
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    22′, col.

  • Director 
    Èrika Sánchez
  • Screenplay 
    Èrika Sánchez
  • Editing
    Xavi Esteban
  • Photography
    Gina Ferrer

  • Art Direction
    Julen Biguri
  • Sound
    Leo Dolgan, Alberto Manera
  • Music
    Xavier Alías
  • Cast
    Laia Capdevila, Rimé Kopoború

  • Producer
    Èrika Sánchez
  • Production
    Antivaho Cinematográfico, with the support of
    ICEC (Catalan Institute for the Cultural Companies)

  • Berlin International Film Festival 2020 – Generation
  • Malaga International Film Festival 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • Barcelona D’A International Film Festival 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • Badajoz Iberian Film Festival 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • Kiev International Short Film Festival 2020 – Fem Riot
  • Visionār Film Festival Berlin 2020
  • FICBUEU Bueu 2020 – Spanish Competition
  • Incinerante Medellin Youth Short Film Festival – Official Selection
  • Festival MiX Milan 2020
  • L Week Antwerp 2020
  • BFI London International Film Festival 2020 – My Time to Shine
  • Olhar de Cinema Curitiba 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • Curtocírcuito Santiago de Compostela 2020 – Penínsulas
  • Copenhagen Short Film Festival 2020 – Mix’ed Favorites
  • Abycine Albacete 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • FESCIGU Guadalajara 2020
  • NewFest New York 2020
  • Pride Pictures Festival Karlsruhe 2020
  • Everybody’s Perfect Geneva 2020
  • Construir Mirades Barcelona 2020
  • Asiana International Short Film Festival Seoul 2020 – Competition
  • Lovers Film Festival Turin 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • Chéries Chéris Film Festival Paris 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • Hamburg Queer Film Festival 2020
  • Madrid Lesgaicinemad 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • Som Cinema Lleida 2020 – Short Film Competition

  • Badajoz Iberian Film Festival 2020 – Best Short Film

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