One Deep Breath


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One Deep Breath.

Maël tries hard to cope with his partner Adam’s suicide as well as their troubled past together. Patricia, also one of Adam’s lovers, gets herself into danger in her attempt to help Maël in his grief.


Having originally trained at The Arden School Of Theatre in Manchester for 4 years, he went on to work as an actor in the UK before moving to France to complete his Masters Degree and PhD in stage arts, his chosen subject being Queer theory. Antony has since moved behind the camera, writing and directing a series of short films exploring the Queer theme. Up until now, all of his films have been self-produced and have made their way around independent film festivals world-wide, generating strong critical acclaim. Having recently worked on the latest Todd Verow documentary End of Cruising, he is has just finished to direct  his second feature: One Deep Breath.


  • Title
    One Deep Breath
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    63′, col.

  • Director
    Antony Hickling
  • Screenplay
    Antony Hickling, André Schneider
  • Editing
    Victor Toussaint
  • Photography
    Tom Chabbat

  • Set Design
    Marie Charpentier
  • Music
    Stephane Guirreic, Julien Melique
  • Sound
    Baptiste Ladreit

  • Cast
    Manuel Blanc, Thomas Laroppe, Stéphanie Michelini, André Schneider, Michèle Seeberger, Biño Sauitzvy, Magali Gaudou, Alvaro Lombard, François Brunet, Hervé Joseph Lebrun, Matthew Allen, Paul Bagnulo, Anthony Urvois, Jocelyn Huet, Dave McEvoy, Lydie Trajman
  • Producers
    Antony Hickling, André Schneider
  • Production
    Antony Hickling & Vivàsvan Pictures

  • Queer Lisboa 2014
  • Mix Brasil 2014
  • Chéries-Chèris Paris LGBT Film Festival 2014
  • Zinegoak Bilbao 2015 – Experimental Long Feature Film Competition
  • Turin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2015
  • Cinemarges Bordeaux 2015
  • In & Out Nice 2015
  • Rio Gay Fest 2015
  • Cinepride Nantes 2015
  • Thessaloniki LGBTQ Film Festival 2017

  • Zinegoak Bilbao 2015 – Best Experimental Long Feature Film
  • Rio Gay Fest 2015 – Jury Special Mention to Antony Hickling

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