Liz’s Wait


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Liz’s Wait.

Liz is surrounded by doubts and uncertainties. Introspective, she searches for the reason why her partner Miguel has gone. While looking for deep inside answers, she feels the need for emotional support from her younger sister Lara. Little by little, the connection between the two sisters becomes more intense. They both rethink their inner values and strengthen their love and admiration. But Lara keeps a secret that justifies Miguel’s disappearance, while Liz observes the power of her empowerment sprout.


Bruno Torres was born in Brasília in October 1st, 1980. He is a Brazilian actor, producer and filmmaker. He directed the short films O Último Raio de Sol, Pequena Paisagem do Meu Jardim, O Tempo do Plano and A Noite por Testemunha, having won more than 60 awards in Brazil and abroad. O Último Raio de Sol participated in the Habana Film Festival 2005 and was awarded the SIGNIS OCIC prize. A Noite Por Testemunha was in the main competition in the Huesca Film Festival 2010. He produced the short film Meu amigo Nietzsche, that won the Audience Award and the prize Fernand Raynaud in the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2014. As an actor he has interpreted the drummer Fê Lemos in the box office success Somos Tão Jovens, by Antônio Carlos da Fontoura, and also the character Vitor in the feature Payback, by André Moraes. Liz’s Wait is his first feature film.


  • Title
    Liz’s Wait
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    115′, col.

  • Director 
    Bruno Torres
  • Screenplay
    Bruno Torres,
    Simone Iliescu
  • Editing
    Gustavo Giani
  • Photography
    André Lavenére

  • Music
    Sascha Kratzer
  • Sound
    Bruno Armelin
  • Cast
    Simone Iliescu, Rosanne Mulholland,
    Bruno Torres, Zé Carlos Machado,
    Ingra Lyberato, Murilo Grossi

  • Producers
    Ariadne Mazzetti, Bruno Torres,
    João Pereira Lima, Marcelo Siqueira, Sascha Kratzer
  • Production Company
    Aquarela Midwest, Astrals Music Production, Mistika Post

  • Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival Miami 2020
  • Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival New York 2020

  • Secs Melhores Filmes 2022 – Nomination for the Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Photography
  • Grande Prêmio Do Cinema Brasilero 2023 – Finalist Best First Time Director, Best Screenplay, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound

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