Tierra adentro


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Tierra adentro.

A primary jungle divides Colombia and Panama. Here guerrillas, drug traffickers, immigrants, indigenous people, farmers, wild animals and local police cross paths. The observation goes beyond the characters in this a no man’s land and focuses on the search for meaning in the jungle as a metaphor for the wild within us.


Mauro Colombo studied a master degree in Modern Literature with focus in Human Geography. He made his thesis research about territorial perception of aboriginal people in Australia. His interest focuses on social antropology and the relation between human beings and nature. He worked as a film director and director of photography in all Latin America and many other countries in the world. Mauro is from Italy and currently lives and works in Panama. Some of his films are: Tierra adentro – Inland, Hasankeyf Waiting Life, The City of Light and 24/12. Some of his credits include the direction of photography for Ruben Blades Is Not my Name and for Invasion by Abner Benaim.


  • Title
    Tierra adentro
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    70′, col.

  • Director 
    Mauro Colombo
  • Screenplay
    Mauro Colombo
  • Editing
    Mauro Colombo
  • Photography
    Mauro Colombo

  • Music

  • Sound
    Carlos García
  • Cast 
    Ricardo Moreno, Melinda Ropper,
    Rick Morales

  • Producer 
    Abner Benaim,
    Mauro Colombo
  • Associate Producer
    María Cecilia Arias
  • Production
    Apertura Films

  • La Habana International Film Festival 2018 – Official Selection
  • Panama International Film Festival 2019 – Competition
  • Curacao Rotterdam International Film Festival 2019
  • Los Angeles AFI Latin American Film Festival 2019
  • Morelia International Film Festival 2019
  • Rotterdam International Film Festival 2020 – Bright Future
  • Cine Universitario Panama City 2019
  • Panama Rainforest Discovery Center Gamboa 2019
  • Country Store Balboa 2019
  • Festival Icaro Guatemala City 2019
  • Thessaloniki International Doc Film Festival 2020
  • Cinema Planeta Environmental Film Festival Cuernavaca 2020
  • CICLA Bogotá 2020
  • Lessinia Film Festival Bosco Chiesanuova 2020 – FFDL Green
  • FICASC Serra Catarinense 2020 – Latina
  • Préambulo San José Costa Rica 2020
  • FICMEC Nador 2020 – Documentary Competiton
  • Lisbon Latin American Film Festival 2020
  • Loulé Latin American Film Festival 2021
  • MAC Panama City 2021
  • Ciudad del saber Panama City 2021
  • Ode to Earth Film Festival Utrecht 2023

  • Panama International Film Festival 2019 – Best Docuentary
  • Curacao Rotterdam International Film Festival 2019 – Best Film Yellow Robin Award
  • Platino Awards 2020 – Candidate
  • Platino Awards 2020 – Nomination for the Best Documentary
  • Platino Awards 2020 – Short Listed for the Best Documentary

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