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Heterophobia traces the quick fall into hell of Mariano. A young gay man who, having been first raped and then rejected by an heterosexual friend with whom he had vague romantic illusions, has a sentimental journey from initial guilt and messianistic will of redemption, through flaring spite, up through castrating rage, before arriving to a final conclusion: that the the only possible action against patriarchy is revolution.


Graduated from Universidad del Cine, Buenos Aires. Author of various books focused on Argentinian film history. In 2003 he finished Safo, a remake of a classical argentinian movie of 1943 under guerilla film premises, done with his students from the film theory class at the Universidad del Cine. During the 2000s, he does several shortfilms and works as a programmer for the Mar del Plata Int’l Film Festival, in charge of the Argentinian independent production. In 2011 premieres La peli de Batato, codirected with Peter Pank (Best Film at the Rio Negro Film Festival). Heterophobia is his third film (Best Film at the Transterritorial Underground Film Festival Buenos Aires). 


  • Title
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Country
  • Year

  • Length
    63′, col.
  • Director 
    Goyo Anchou
  • Screenplay
    Goyo Anchou
  • Editing
    Goyo Anchou

  • Photography
    Goyo Anchou, Pepo Razzari, Martín Maisonave, Franco Tirri
  • Sound
    Pepo Razzari
  • Cast
    Mariano Molina, Marcelo Páez, Ariel Núñez, Mad Crampi, Dieguito Mostrix, Luciano Ricio, Lorena Damonte, Alejandro Berón Díaz, Salvador Haidar

  • Producers
    Goyo Anchou
  • Production
    Goyo Anchou

  • Buenos Aires Underground Film Festival 2014 – Long Feature Film Competition
  • Xposed Film Festival Berlin 2015
  • Asterisco Buenos Aires LGBT Film Festival 2015
  • Torino Film Festival 2015
  • Cine Con Riesgo Buenos Aires 2015
  • Zinegoak Bilbao 2016 – Experimental Long Feature Film Competition 2016
  • Mix Mexico 2016
  • MicGenero – Focus Camp Mexico City 2016
  • Feliza Buenos Aires 2018

  • Asterisco Buenos Aires LGBT Film Festival 2015 – Jury Special Mention
  • Buenos Aires Underground Film Festival 2014 – Best Long Feature Film

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