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Stella, an Argentinian living illegally in Spain, spends her days at home watching western movies on TV. Since her diagnosis with ALS, her health has deteriorated: she cannot speak and she can barely walk. Paco, her partner, takes care of her 24 hours a day. He tries to lift her spirits with his jokes, but his health is also worsening as he carries on smoking and drinking. They are visited occasionally by Stella´s daughter, Valeria, who, to avoid this reality, goes out partying more and more. The situation intensifies when Paco is admitted to the hospital — Valeria must then move into her mother’s house and take care of her. ‘Figures’ shows the struggle against ALS by an actual family that has been ignored by the establishment.


Figures (2018) is Canevari’s second feature film. His debut feature Paula (2015), which denounced the situation of abortion in Argentina, was part of the 63rd San Sebastian Film Festival (New Directors), 59th BFI London (First Feature), 30th Mar del Plata Film Festival (Argentine Competition) and the 37th Habana Film Festival (Opera Prima), among others.


  • Title
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Countries
    Spain, Argentina
  • Year
    2018 (WIP)
  • Length
    82′, b/w

  • Director 
    Eugenio Canevari
  • Screenplay 
    Eugenio Canevari
  • Editing
    Didac Palou
  • Photography
    Michele Falci, Enrique Rico

  • Sound
    Mercedes Tennina
  • Cast
    Stella Maris Santo,
    Valeria Ballerini,
    Francisco Dominguez

  • Executive Producers
    Eugenio Canevari, Felipe Yaryura,
    Melina Pereyra, Renata Daoud
  • Production
    FANECA Films, Mamá Húngara

  • REC Tarragona Film Festival 2017 (WIP)
  • Thessaloniki International Doc Film Festival – Agora Docs in Progress 2018 (WIP)
  • San Sebastian International Film Festival 2018 – Horizontes Latinos Competition
  • L’Alternativa Barcelona Independent Film Festival 2018 – Panorama
  • Cineuropa Santiago de Compostela Film Festival 2018 – International Competition
  • Torino Film Festival 2018 – International Documentary Competition
  • Sala Berlanga Madrid 2019 – Panorama Latino Americano
  • Centre Civic Can Felipa Barcelona 2019
  • Atlàntida International Film Festival Palma de Mallorca 2019
  • Vancouver Latin American Film Festival 2019 – New Directors Competition
  • FIC Calì International Film Festival 2019 – Feature Film Competition
  • Centre Civic Pati Llimona Barcelona 2019
  • Centre Civic Casa Groga Barcelona 2019
  • Brain Film Festival Barcelona 2020

  • REC Tarragona 2017 Film Festival – Primer Test Award (Work in Progress)
  • Fondo Nacional de las Artes en Argentina 2017 – Honorable Mention


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