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Stella suffers from ALS and needs constant attention. Paco, her longtime partner, helps her to move, eat, and communicate. Valeria, Stella’s daughter, visits them sporadically and, anguished by the visible deterioration of her mother, finds a manner of escape by going out to parties. While they wait for an answer about an opportunity for subsidized housing, they attempt to cope with the situation through humor and love.


After participating in various shootings in Argentina, Eugenio Canevari moved to Brussels to study Photography and Film. A few years later, he settled in Barcelona, further pursuing his studies and career. He shot his first short film as director, Gorilla Dances, which was screened at several festivals. His first feature, Paula, had its world premiere at the 63rd San Sebastian Film Festival.


  • Title
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Country
  • Year
    2018 (WIP)
  • Length
    85′, b/w

  • Director 
    Eugenio Canevari
  • Screenplay 
    Eugenio Canevari
  • Editing
    Didac Palou
  • Photography
    Michele Falci, Enrique Rico

  • Sound
    Mercedes Tennina
  • Cast
    Stella Maris Santo,
    Valeria Ballerini,
    Francisco Dominguez

  • Executive Producers
    Eugenio Canevari, Felipe Yaryura,
    Melina Pereyra, Renata Daoud
  • Production
    Eugenio Canevari, Waking Films,
    Mamá Húngara Cine and Chroma Teatre

  • REC Tarragona Film Festival 2017 (WIP)
  • Thessaloniki International Doc Film Festival – Agora Docs in Progress 2018 (WIP)

  • REC Tarragona 2017 Film Festival – Primer Test Award (Work in Progress)
  • Fondo Nacional de las Artes en Argentina 2017 – Honorable Mention


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