Au Bord de l’Infini




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Au bord de l’infini

Coming back home, Baptiste has to deal with the absence of his dead brother. He decides to run away from his mourning. On the road,  he decides to kill himself in the same place where his brother died. There, he meets Emma, a bubbly hitchhiker who is Death herself. Emma will change Baptiste’s plans when she reminds him about all the forgotten memories that he had with his lost brother. 


After working in Corsica in the production of many short films, Léon Diana produces in Toulouse with Ricky Mastro his first feature film 7 minutes. Then, he develops two shorts with Soraya Helena (Papillons, Café Latte) and with Ricky Mastro (I don’t Remember). In 2021, he shots his first film as a director: Au bord de l’infini. Currently, he’s working in his next short film project Elle est partie à travers la ville.


  • Title
    Au bord de l’infini

  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    20′, col.

  • Director
    Léon Diana
  • Screenplay
    Léon Diana
  • Editing
    Julie Trillo
  • Photography
    Julie Angelo

  • Set Design
    Ricky Mastro

  • Sound
    Juliette Mathy
  • Cast
    Tomas Pierna, Pauline Lefebvre, Antoine Herbez, Monique Briane, Tom Vallejo, Dominique Diana

  • Producer
    Léon Diana
  • Production Manager
    Ricky Mastro

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