15 Hours


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15 Hours.

Music brought them together. Aura, first violin and Manuel, the world’s most popular conductor, are the most envied couple in the country. Artists, famous and rich, their relationship hides an unmentionable secret. He mistreats her, something she has hidden for too long. One day, fed up with her silenced hell, Aura decides to take the plunge and ask for help, then what she had always suspected but never dared to confirm happens.


Film director Judith Colell has been named the new director of the Degree in Audiovisual Communication taught at Blanquerna FCRI in 2017.
She has been a member of the Academy of Catalan Cinema since 2009. Her films include 53 días de invierno, Women and Elisa K, which in 2010 received the Special Prize of the Jury at the San Sebastian Film Festival and the National Prize Of Cinema of the Generalitat de Catalunya. In 2014 she directed the TV fiction L’últim ball de Carmen Amaya, aired on TV3 and nominated to the Gaudí Awards. 15 Hours is her last feature film.


  • Title
    15 Hours
  • Rights
  • Countries
    Dominican Republic,
  • Year
  • Length

  • Director
    Judith Colell
  • Screenplay
    Cira Valiño
  • Editing
    Bernat Aragones
  • Photography
    Micaela Cajahuaringa

  • Art Direction
    Lorelei Sanz
  • Sound
    Franklin Hernández
  • Cast
    Sterlyn Ramírez, Marc Clotet, Stephany Liriano, Katherine Montes, Felix Germán,
    Estrella de Bisonó, Lidia Ariza, Sara Amelie Rodriguez

  • Producers
    Sterlyn Ramirez,
    Ivette Bautista
  • Executive Producer
    Felix M. Garcia
  • Production
    Selene Films,
    Turkana Films

  • Malaga International Film Festival 2021 – Official Competition
  • Seminci Valladolid International Film Festival 2021 – Spanish Screenings
  • La Película Spanish and Latin American Film Festival The Philipines, Malayasia, Thailand and Australia 2021
  • Terra Gollut Film Festival Queralbs 2021 – Competition
  • Miami Ibero American Film Festival 2021
  • Mostra de Cinema de Castellar del Vallès BRAM! 2021
  • CineHorizonte Marseille Spanish Film Festival 2021 – Competition
  • Cambridge International Film Festival 2021 – Competition
  • Drac Magic Castelldefels 2021
  • Temporada Alta Girona 2021
  • Human Rights International Film Festival San Sebastián de los Reyes 2021
  • Amorebieta Bilbao 2021
  • Mostra de Cinema de Dones Vilanova del Camí 2021
  • Cinema Truffaut Girona 2021
  • Cinema Maldà Barcelona 2022
  • Video Instan Mes de la Dona Barcelona 2022
  • cinEScultura Regensburg 2022
  • Cineclub Vilafranca de Penedés 2022
  • Teatre Casino Planoles 2022
  • Cinema a la fresca Pardines 2022
  • Monterrey International Film Festival 2022
  • Cinema Transhumant Setcases 2022
  • Menorca International Film Festival 2022
  • Emerson College School of the Arts Los Angeles 2022
  • Cinema Transhumant Puigcerdá 2022
  • Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival 2023
  • Cinema Maldà Barcelona 2024

  • Malaga International Film Festival 2021 – Signis Award
  • Terra Gollut Film Festival Queralbs 2021 – Concordia Award for the Best Feature
  • CineHorizonte Marseille Spanish Film Festival 2021 – Best Screenplay, Best Leading Actress
  • Gaudí Awards 2022 – Candidate Best Picture in non Catalan Language
  • Platino Awards 2022 – Candidate Best Educational Feature


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