ORIGINISSIMAThe Open Reel acquires Chilean production Origin of Heaven (El origen del cielo), first long feature film written and directed by David Belmar, produced by Raki Films.

Starring Nelson Venegas, Andrés Eliquitay, Carolina Sade, Nuri Cid, Héctor Aguilar and Aníbal Barrera, the film was premiered at the last Valdivia International Film Festival, where it was competing for the Best Chilean long feature film.

Luis, a family man, and Miguel, his older son, are laborers at a sawmill in the mountains in southern Chile. Solitude and sadness drive Miguel to migrate to the city and start over. Due to the instability in his work and his monotonous existence, Luis will try to change his life, but destiny will want something different.

After directing the short films Catástrofe (2009) and Expresiones (2008), and his first long feature film Origin of Heaven, David Belmar is currently writing his second long feature film, Rebelde (Rebel).