by Federico Mottica – Italy, 2022, 17′, col.

Love, hate, desire and jealousies are in the midle of a couple, that of Andrea and Fabrizio, who questioning the certainties of their relationship and their feelings.

Federico Mottica was born in Genova in 1995. There he obtained his classical high school diploma and graduated in piano at the Paganini Conservatory. He graduated in the Direction Course at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia of Rome, lead by Gianni Amelio, Daniele Luchetti, Claudio Cupellini, Claudio Giovannesi and other professionals. He has made several short films and video clips awarded in numerous festivals. His short film Strangers (2020) and Him (2021) were presented at Alice nella città, an independent and parallel section of the Rome Film Festival. Among the awards he has received, there are the RAI Cinema Channel award at Cortinametraggio and the Targa CIAK.


by Santiago Giralt – Argentina, 2022, 15′, col.

Pana is a popular world from Venezuelan slang that means many things: as a noun it refers to a friend, a good person; as an adjective, it’s a positive quality, someone nice, someone friendly and enjoyable. A coming-of-age story, the short My Pana is also a tale of immigration and exile, a portrait of a teenager adapting to a new society with the few tools he knows to survive: his youth, his body and, ultimately, his own resilience. Through the point of view of a teenager we’ll understand the hardships of million of Venezuelans abroad and the consequences of corruption, exile and the fractured soul of a person who was pushed to leave his true life to adapt to a hostile new place.

Santiago Giralt is a director, writer, producer, actor, playwright and novelist. He is one of the leading figures in Argentine cinema and his works have been presented in many international film festivals: Cannes, London, Rotterdam, Locarno, Buenos Aires. He has written, directed and produced twelves films. He has written many screenplays for other filmmakers and has won international prizes. He is one of the five most important screenwriters of the past decade in Argentina and was a finalist for the National Screenwriters Prize.


by Francesco Manzato – Italy, 2022, 18′, col.

Letizia, a young 16-year-old boxer, lives with her mother in a small town just outside Milan. After losing her job, her mum decides to move to Rome where she can be supported by her parents and of course decides to take Letizia with her. The film concentrates on the last few days before Letizia moves away, paying particular attention to the relationship she has with Clara: an older girl who trains in the same gym as her. Just when she has to leave, Letizia is forced to reflect on how important this relationship with Clara is for her.

Francesco Manzato was born in Monza in 1996. In 2020 he graduates in Modern Literature at the University of Milan. Since 2018, he has been working alongside professionals in the audiovisual world. In 2021 he debuts directing, together with Filippo Repishti and Paolo Pioltelli, with the documentary Uragano negli occhi, on the hardcore punk scene in Milan in the period 2015-2020. In 2021 he directs his first fiction short film: Carlè. Letizia, produced in collaboration with Eclettica, his is second fiction short film.