Italian sales agent The Open Reel has boarded Mexican director Julián Hernández Demons At Dawn, adding the title to its EFM slate.

A prominent queer director, Hernández has twice won the Teddy Award at Berlin with his movies A Thousand Clouds oO Peace (2003), and Raging Sun, Raging Sky (2009). His previous film, 2023’s The Trace Of Your Lips, sold to TLA Releasing for North America and UK rights.

Demons At Dawn centres on two young men who live in Mexico City, who meet by chance and fall in love while fighting to achieve their dreams. It is produced through Mil Nubes Cine and Indomable Cine.

The Open Reel’s EFM slate also includes Italian director Roberto Cuzzillo’s fourth feature Malanova, about a couple,who discover that one of them HIV positive six months into their relationship. Cuzzillo’s 2015 title Don’t Accept Dreams From Strangers sold widely around the world.

Other new titles that The Open Reel is bringing to EFM include Brazilian actor Luciano Vidigal’s first feature White House, Israeli director Eyal Kantor’s The Binding, UK feature Vanilla by Joseph A. Adesulnloye’s and Zvonimir Munivrana’s I Am Not Like That from Croatia.