Grimsey and Forget-Me-Not are part of the 2018 Cine MovilH, taking place in Santiago del Chile and other Chilean towns (Valparaiso, Coyahique, Concepcion, Talca and Puerto Montt), from October 4 to 27.

Forget-Me-Not, October 4, Santiago del Chile, Cineteca Nacional, 8:15pm;
Forget-Me-Not, October 15, Coyahique, Centro Cultural, 6:00pm;
Forget-Me-Not, October 26, Concepcion, Casa de Salud, 7:00pm;
Forget-Me-Not, October 26, Valparaiso, Teatro Condell, 5:00pm;
Grmisey, October 11, Santiago del Chile, Centro Cultural de España 7:30pm.