15 HOURS at the Valladolid Seminci

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LEADING LADIES at Some Prefer Cake

Leading Ladies is part of Some Prefer Cake, Lesbian Film Festival taking place in Bologna from September 24 to 26. Info: https://someprefercakefestival.com/

COALESCE at the Long Beach Cambodia Town Film Festival

Screening in Long Beach for Coalesce, part of the 2021 Cambodia Town Film Festival, running from September 24 to 26. Info: http://cambodiatownfilmfestival.com/

PARADISE at the Geneva Everybody’s Perfect

Paradise is in the programme of the upcoming Geneva Everybody’s Perfect Queer Film Festival, running from October 8 to 17. Info: https://www.everybodysperfect.ch/

AGATE MOUSSE at the Paris Lebanese Film Festival

Agate Mousse will be screened in Paris during the upcoming Lebanese Film Festival, running from September 30 to October 3. All info: Homepage

VARIAÇÕES at the Jakarta Europe on Screen

Variações will be screened in Indonesia, thanks to the Europe on Screen Film Festival, running from September 15 to 27. All info: https://www.facebook.com/europeonscreen