Al Berto gets eleven nominations at the Sophia Awards given by the Portuguese Academy of Cinema:

Best Film
Best Photography (Rui Poças)
Best Leading Actor (José Pimentão)
Best Original Screenplay (Vicente Alves do Ó)
Best Sound (Pedro Melo, Elsa Ferreira and Branko Neskov)
Best Artistic Direction (Joana Cardoso)
Best Supporting Actor (João Villas-Boas and Duarte Grilo)
Best Supporting Actress (Raquel Rocha Vieira)
Best Makeup and Hairstyling (Abigail Machado and Mário Leal)
Best Costume (Joana Cardoso)

Congratulations to Vicente Alves do Ó, to Ukbar Filmes and to all the cast & crew!