An Afterthought is part of a selection of Piedmontese titles touring around several Piedmontese cities from May 4 to 31.

The project, including four feature films, four documentaries and four short films, is named Movie Tellers, and it is organised by Piemonte Movie.

Screening details for An Afterthought:

May 4, Candelo, Cinema Verdi, 630pm
May 17, Vercelli, Cinema Nuovo Italia, 630pm
May 18, Alessandria, Cinema Kristalli, 630pm
May 19, Asti, Cinema Pastrone, 630pm
May 23, Cuneo, Cinema Lanteri, 630pm
May 24, Pinerolo, Cinema Ritz, 630pm
May 25, Ceva, Sala Boris, 630pm