We are happy to announce that our new production project, the short film It’s Just in My Head, directed by Marius Gabriel Stancu, starring Claudio Segaluscio and Carmine Fabbricatore is now completed and is available for festivals booking and sales.

It’S Just in My Head.
Andreas and Alessandro are two friends who have known each other since their childhood. Now that they have grown up, they study at University in different cities but they always spend the summer together in the place where they were born: a seaside resort that regularly fills up with tourists every year. They have two opposite characters: taciturn and diffident Andreas, expansive and optimistic Alessandro; lonely and without sexual experiences the first, full of friends and already engaged with a girl for a long time the second. Summer is now coming to an end; both Andreas and Alessandro must return to the city to resume their University life. Andreas will be leaving in a few days, while Alessandro has to wait for his girlfriend, Daniela, to do some things in the family, in order to be able to come back with her. Before leaving, Andreas decides to give Alessandro a gift: he leaves an envelope full of printed selfies in his friend’s mailbox, some of which are dedicated on the back, hoping that Alessandro will finally be able to notice the love that Andreas always has tried for him.

Marius Gabriel Stancu was born in Bucharest in 1994.
In 2018, he started to collaborate with the international sales and production company The Open Reel, as a Festival Manager. Always in love with Cinema, in 2020, he has realized his firs short narrative film, entitled It’s Just in My Head.