by Julián Hernández – Mexico, 2022, 35′, col.

*Shorts Mexico 2022 Winner
Best Director, Best Leading Actor, Best Photography, Best Sound
*Shorts Mexico 2022 Special Mention
Best Costumes

A pandemic has Esteban isolated, separated from Alan. His days go by staring at the buildings around him from the rooftop where he lives, learning how to play the guitar, and maintaining his relationship with Alan through video calls, but isolation has no end in sight, and reality eventually catches up with them.

Julián Hernández is born in Mexico City in 1972 and he graduated in film from the state University UNAM. Among his previous works are the feature films Broken Sky (2006), A Thousand Clouds of Peace Fence the Sky, Love, Your Being Love Will Never End (2003), winner of the Teddy Award at Berlin Film Festival and Raging Sun, Raging Sky, winner of the same Award but in 2009. His three last features, all represented by The Open Reel, are: I Am Happiness on Earth (2014), Tattoo of Revenge (2018) and Asphalt Goddess (2019). Hernández has also directed, among others, the short films Por encima del abismo de la desesperación (1996), Hubo un tiempo en que los sueños…(1997), Bramadero (2007), Vago rumor de mares…(2008), Atmósfera (2009), Wandering Clouds (2013), Young Man at the Bar Masturbating with Rage and Nerve (2015), Boys on the Rooftop (2016) and The Day Began Yesterday. Two Amongst Many is his last short production.


by Liu Haontian – China, Singapore, 2022, 15′, col.

In a small city in the north, the time of midsummer is very short. Two boys get to know each other by chance and agree to meet by a lake. But one of them doesn’t keep the agreement, and it begins to rain heavily.

Liu Haotian is a young director, independent filmmaker who’s living in the northeast of China. He started making short films as a student since 2015. He is currently working on documentaries and short films. His documentary film Kiss the Wind was selected to be a part of 2022 VdR-Film Market. Liu Haotian has years of film-learning experience and If We Keep Talking in Summer Days is his first LGBT short film.


by Karol Mora Albarracín, Sara J. Asprilla Palomino – Colombia, 2022, 18′, col.

Neneco and Anwar are two teenagers living in the town of Bahía Cupica, Chocó. Due to the illness of Neneco’s sister, he’s put in charge of washing all of her clothes but the encounter with two women in the nearby brook forces them to take a detour to the outskirts of the town, before sunset, to unveil the past of Cupica.

Karol Mora Albarracín is a Colombian producer born in Quibdó, Chocó. Currently working in her Economics major in the National University of Colombia, she is the producer of the documentary short film Degenere (2023), recipient of Proimágenes Colombia Film Development Fund-FDC. Also, is the producer of the short films in development Far from Home and Kanekalon, winner of a Writing Scholarship of the Secretary of State for Culture of Medellín, Colombia.

Sara J. Asprilla Palomino was born in Bahía Solano, Colombia. She is a graduate student of Photography at the National University of Colombia and holds a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Engineering. She directed the documentary short film Pelo Bonito (2018) and La Lentitud (2019), which was part of the national video clip selection of the 17th BOGOSHORTS – Short Film Festival of Bogotá. She is the director of the documentary short film Degenere (2023), recipient of Proimágenes Colombia Film Development Fund-FDC. She is currently working as director and screenwriter for the short films Far from Home and Kanekalon.