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Two children in the countryside. Time lazily goes by on a hot month of August as they long for adventure.


After studying Law in Milan and cinema with Marco Bellocchio, he moved to Paris to earn a B.A. in film direction at EICAR. His short films have been selected and awarded in more than one hundred international festival, including Cannes Official Competition, where he got a Special Mention with 37.4 S (also awarded with David di Donatello and Special Award at Nastri d’Argento 2014). Banat, his first feature film has been selected for Venice Film Festival International Critics Week 2015.

Was born in 1975 in Paris. She studied Architecture and Fine Arts at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Art de Paris en 2002. Her work evolved from painting and drawing to sculpture and she now uses cardboard to create monumental bas-relief forests. She has exhibited extensively in France (at Palais de Tokyo, Manufacture des Gobelins, Fondation EDF, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Domaine de Chaumont, La Friche à Marseille) and abroad (Rome, Naples, Venise, Milan, Bologne, Dubai).


  • Title
  • Rights
    Sales, Festivals
  • Country
  • Year

  • Length
    15’, col.
  • Directors 
    Adriano Valerio, Eva Jospin
  • Screenplay
    Adriano Valerio, Eva Jospin
  • Editing
    Adriano Valerio, Eva Jospin

  • Photography
    Jonathan Ricquebourg
  • Sound
    Enrico Ascoli
  • Cast
    Ada Thoretton, Oscar Thoretton
  • Producers
    Fabrizio Polpettini, Pierre Malachin

  • Production
    La Bête in association with Monfilmfest

  • Milano Film Festival 2015 – Short Film Competition
  • Corto Dorico Ancona 2015 – Short Film Competition
  • Visioni Italiane Bologna 2016 – Short Film Competition
  • Landshuter Film Festival 2016 – Short Film Competition
  • Frankfurt Lichter International Film Festival 2016
  • Paris Italian Institute of Culture 2016
  • I Love Gai – Italian Young Authors Venice 2016 – Short Film Competition
  • Lago Film Festival 2016 – Italian Short Film Competition
  • Cinema Night Nouvelle Vague Surf School Soulac-sur-Mer 2016
  • Pluk der Nacht Open Air Film Festival 2016
  • Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival 2016
  • I Love Gai – Italian Young Authors Rome Film Festival 2016
  • Madrid Italian Film Festival 2016 – Short Film Competition
  • Filmmakers in Festival, Prato 2016
  • Molise Cinema Casacalenda 2017

  • Visioni Italiane Bologna 2016, Best Photography
  • I Love Gai – Italian Young Authors Venice 2016 – Special Mention
  • Nastri d’Argento – Corti d’Argento Award 2017 – Nomination

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